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Welcome to Englishpond.com

Englishpond.com is a site that covers vast areas of English (ESL, EFL, ELT, ESOL) learning and teaching. We offer materials for teachers and students. Our materials include among others : Printable Worksheets, Self-grading flash quizzes and Exercises, Video Lessons, E-books Powerpoint lessons and more. These resources cover areas like Communication (English Expressions), Pronunciation, Vocabulary Themes, Grammar, Online Listening Exercises, Idioms, Phrasal verbs, business English, slangs, Kids materials, Short stories, English Proverbs, Roots Words (Prefixes, Suffixes, Affixes), Lessons plans and many more great resources for English Teachers and Students

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This sections contains key English expressions used in daily communication & dialogues. There are also idiomatic expressions, slangs and colloquial expressions. Under this section you will also find business English expressions.

Learning these expressions can greatly improve students' communicative competence.

We provide exercises to study or teach them, like mp3 audiodownloads, printable worksheets and self-grading exercises.

English Grammar in Use

English grammar exercises are offered as printable and self-grading exercises in this section. They cover areas such as verb tenses, adjectives, modals, past & perfect tenses, conjunctions, pronouns and more.

Reading & Writing

This area offers materials like poems, stories, essays,articles and writing tips.


Cambridge Dictionary

Cambridge Dictionaries Online




Look up words, idioms, phrasal verbs and more on this dictionary that has the most recent words in English.

Vocabulary Exercises

Without vocabulary, language communication is greatly hampered. Our vocabulary section has theme or theme- based vocabulary printables and self-grading exercises. Our word formation exercises with prefixes, suffixes and root words will greatly help students learn how English words get created and so improve their ability to guess words without a dictionary.

In this vocabulary section, you will also find exercises that help practice the differences between British and American English.

As students advance in learning English, they also find that phrasal verbs are a great vocabulary challenge. We provide exercises that cover this area.

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Commercial Area

Our commercial area features ESL Worksheet E-books, Video materials, Powerpoint Lesson plans, Phonetic course materials and self-study grammar and vocabulary exercises.


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