“Excuse me! - Bothering people

This one is a general collection of expressions to use when you must bother someone for ANY particular reason…

Such as…

…asking people to be quiet
…conversation openers
…permission and requests
…thanking and replying
…getting somebody’s attention



Excuse me!- Audio Jukebox



    Asking people to be quiet

    Less polite

    • Shut up! [impolite]
    • Quiet! / kwaöWt / Be quiet!
    • Shh!


    More polite

      • Could you be quiet, please?

        Conversation openers

          • Excuse me, is anyone sitting here?
          • Sorry, have you got the time, please?
          • I think we’ve met before, haven’t we?
          • It’s really hot, isn’t it?
          • Are you going all the way to San Francisco?

          Permission and requests

          • Could I use your pen?
          • Do you mind if I borrow your dictionary?
          • (‘Do you mind if I…?’ means ‘Is it a problem for you if I…?’)


          Getting somebody’s attention

            • Excuse me, have you got a moment?                                 
            • Sorry to bother you, but could I just ask you something? 
            • Excuse me, can you spare a minute or two?                      
            • Excuse me, are you in a hurry?                                          
            • Sure.Go ahead.
            • It depends what it is.
            • Sorry, I’m late already.

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